ETV Program Verifies: Protectoseal® Tank Vents Allow "No Detectable Emissions" of Greenhouse Gases

Bensenville, IL - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Southern Research Institute operate the Environmental Testing Verification (ETV) program to verify the performance of technical solutions to environmental problems. ETV has officially verified that PIN-TECH® Pressure/Vacuum Relief Vents allow "no detectable" emissions from low pressure storage tanks that contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).

Specifically, these tests were conducted within the "ETV Greenhouse Gas Technology Pilot". It was determined that under normal operating conditions, PIN-TECH Vents maintain a "bubble-tight" seal that controls leakage of greenhouse gasses to a level well below the EPA standard of 500 parts per million (ppm). In fact, the data from these highly sophisticated tests showed that PIN-TECH emissions barely reached 5% of the level normally considered "detectable". PIN-TECH Vents, allow uses to satisfy the stringent low emissions requirements of Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

John McDonough, National Sales Manager for The Protectoseal Company's Vapor Control Division, explained, "We are very gratified that this EPA program has confirmed the environmental benefits of PIN-TECH technology. All of our Vapor Control Products are engineered to minimize evaporative losses and reduce the risk of fire or explosion when storing flammable liquids."

As background, all fixed-roof storage tanks for flammable liquids require systems that allow relief of excess pressure or vacuum, while preventing flames or other external sources of ignition from entering the tank. Generally, two systems are installed, one to relieve "normal" operating fluctuations in tank pressure, and a second to allow "emergency" relief of sudden pressure changes, such as caused by an external fire. Today, many "normal" venting systems are piped away to a device that either recycles or destroys the released vapors, but "emergency" vents are generally exposed directly to the atmosphere for safety reasons.

PIN-TECH is the ideal choice for "emergency" venting because it remains bubble-tight until tank pressure reaches the set point, then opens fully, within a fraction of a second, to relieve pressure. It is extremely reliable because a precision-made "buckling pin" controls the set point. Below the set point, an elastomeric o-ring provides the vapor seal. In contrast, conventional weight-loaded pressure / vacuum relief vents, even when manufactured to the highest standards, can leak many times the 500 ppm standard when tank pressure nears the set point.