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Series No. 10

Protectoseal Series No. 10, Pilot Operated Tank Blanketing Valve, is designed to regulate the flow of a blanketing gas (usually Nitrogen) into the vapor space of a flammable liquids storage tank. The valve senses the pressure in the vapor space and opens to allow a flow of gas into the tank when the pressure drops below its set point. When tank pressure returns to the valve's set point, the flow of gas is stopped.

The Series No. 10 valve consists of a main valve (which controls the flow of inert gas into the tank), and the pilot valve (which accurately senses the tank's pressure and controls the opening and closing of the main valve). This tandem valve arrangement provides extremely accurate control of the flow of gas into the tank. The pressure balanced poppet in the pilot ensures that a consistent opening set pressure is realized over the range of allowable inert gas supply pressures. The Series No. 10, Pilot Operated Tank Blanketing Valve, requires a very small band of pressure to cycle from closed, to open and fully flowing, to resealed.