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Series No. 45000E / 46000E

ATEX / CE /  ISO Approved according to the latest ATEX Directive and ISO Standard 16852

Series No. 45000E / 46000E- Suitable for use with ISO Group IIA vapors, generally equivalent to National Electrical Code (NEC) Group D vapors

The Protectoseal Series Nos. 46000E & 46000E In-Line Deflagration Flame Arresters are designed to withstand low, medium and high pressure deflagrations (subsonic). These arresters are bi-directional and capable of stopping a flame approaching from either direction in a piping system and can be mounted vertically or horizontally in the pipeline. Suitable for varying distances from the unprotected side of the vent pipe, maximum distance (Lu/D=50), and within determined operating pressure, consult factory for specifics.